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IGI 4 came out in 2000. Developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive, the first-person shooter wasn’t necessarily the game-changer some people expected. Critics attacked the AI and problematic save options. They also took offense to the absence of a multiplayer option. But the game was not a complete disaster. Gamers appreciated the audio design and graphics, which explains the sequels that came out in the years that followed. The first game followed a former SAS agent tasked with extracting an Estonian arms dealer.


IGI 4 doesn’t differ that drastically from its predecessors. You still get the same FPS elements gamers saw in the first game. The title cannot compete with modern first-person shooters, but strangely enough, it doesn’t have to. IGI 4 tends to attract older gamers who remember the first game fondly, which is why the absence of 4k graphics doesn’t bother them. The audio is just as unimpressive.

Innerloop Studios developed the game. While they don’t expect to outcompete the likes of Call of Duty, the effort they injected into the architecture shows. Previous rumors hinted that the game would offer nearly two dozen missions, possibly even more. Additionally, the developers included a multi-player option, allowing gamers to collaborate with their friends on missions. The AI has supposedly undergone significant improvements, making the enemies more interesting.


  • IGI 4 has multi-player features
  • The graphics have undergone significant improvements
  • The developers have included realistic maps.
  • The studio has promised 90 frames per second. Or, at the very least, IGI 4 can support 90FPS.
  • The game is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.
  • 7.1 Sound  channel technology


How To Install IGI 4 Game on PC?

The Project IGI games have never been heavy. You can play them on most machines, which explains their relative popularity in some communities. You cannot say the same for COD. Some Call of Duty titles are so large that you need a modern computer with the highest specs to play them. Project IGI is more welcoming. To play it, you need a PC below the specs.

CPU 1.8GHz processor
GPU DirectX 9
Free Disk Space 3GB
Display High definition (720p) display that is greater than 9” diagonally, 8 bits per color channel.

Why I am Playing this Game?

Gamers are a helpful lot. If you visit gaming forums, the members will suggest some trustworthy websites. They may also provide links to secure downloads. The game won’t take long to download. Modern first-person shooters are massive. Some are over 100GB in size. But Project IGI shouldn’t concern you. These games have always been small.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about extensive updates. This is another problem that haunts modern games. Some of the updates rival the size of the main game. But IGI 4 is a complete product that doesn’t require endless fixes, patches, and updates. The game is ready to go the moment you get it.

  • Step 1. Once the download finishes, go to the Downloads folder and find the IGI 4 file.
  • Step 2. The installation is just as straightforward as you think. Like every other application, you have to start by double-clicking the setup. This will launch the installer.
  • Step 3. Follow the instructions. The installation won’t differ that drastically from what you’ve seen elsewhere. The installer may ask you to accept the license agreement.
  • Step 4. It may also compel you to specify the destination folder. But for the most part, you will spend this process clicking ‘Next.’ You don’t have to do anything significant.


Eventually, the installation will start, and the installer will display a loading bar showing your progress. Once the progress bar finishes loading, the installer will give you the option of either exiting or launching the game. If you have a cracked version of IGI 4, the installation may present a challenge.


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