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Gemini Crack is an application that you can use to omit unnecessary files that become duplicates, if you have one folder of the picture and you see this folder is two times on your PC this duplicate file only creates issues. You cannot download new files or apps and cannot save on your PC and when you do the process on any file it takes a lot of time to load. The app will then recognize the issue and remove all those files that are saved more than one time on your computer.

Duplicate files give trouble in saving any work in opening files, even in downloading or uploading any type of data. When you open your computer, the app will run and find all videos, audio songs, any document files, and pictures and within a second you can remove the extra data without losing the quality of the original data files. This app can also make the categories of different folders or disks or your data fully arranged. You can open it at any time.

Sometimes by mistake, you delete those files that are single and these are precious. If you want to get these files back. Then this app can help you to get the files back and save them again without losing the quality. Also, if you have repeated iTunes, then this app can delete the tunes and make the space. If you have a thesis and you have some repeated lines, then this app can make a single line from the whole document or thesis.



  • If you have a large document and you want to find the keywords from any article or content. Then you can utilize the tool of this app and find all the keywords with a click, this app can underline or highlight those words.
  • Sometimes you install the new app, but you find the notification again and again that this app already exists on your PC. If you do not find this type of app. The app can help you on how to find the app that is hidden. If you are unable to see it.
  • Through this app, you can scan multiple files at once. You can also drag them one by one on the interface and complete the process within a second.
  • This app not only eliminates the files from your computer folder. But this app can also delete the files from the recycle bin and make more space.
  •  You can utilize all the icons and tools without following any strict rules. But the interface is user-friendly and you can enjoy full freedom.
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  • You can also merge folders:

The app also gives you the option to merge different files and folders. For example, if you have a lot of files with similar pictures and documents and you want to merge them. And want to make space for new things, then you can do so.

  • The app will provide you with a notification after the completion of deletion files: 

This app saves you time because when you delete anything, you will not need to open the folders again and check if it is deleted or not. However, when your folder becomes inactive, delete it fully. It will give you a notification and then you will not need to open the folder.


This app can also eliminate double files very accurately or carefully. Sometimes you have the same pictures, but if there are minor differences, then this app can also recognize such types of pictures. You can separate the photos if you want to separate them, you can separate them. If you want to delete this type of picture, you can also delete it without any risk.

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